Books have always been a staple at our house, like food or water. Growing up, I read the "yellow" Nancy Drew books probably dozens of times. She was smart, had lots of adventures, and that sporty convertible; and she never had to go to school.

I started selling items on ebay and naturally drifted towards books as a niche. Finding a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys or Dana Girls mystery at a rummage or flea market was like running into old friends. And I found that a lot of people consider them friends too.

It's been fun finding these vintage series books, selling them, talking to people who remember them and introducing them to a whole new generation. I've started collecting a complete set of Hardy Boys for my nephews (whom you can see as our models on this website).

I hope you enjoy browsing our pages and come back regularly as we add to our inventory frequently.



(owner, Cal's Book Inn)